God's Love Series


God’s Love is Not Cheap.

We measure the value of an item usually based on how much you paid for it. The price is usually determined by the effort put into creating it, the rarity of the materials, etc. some of the most common things...

God’s Love is No Coincidence.

To many of us, God’s love isn’t real. We’ve been mooching off the rumors from other people’s experiences with God. We assume that our lives are on the sidelines while God is busy loving those around us. So much of...

Me & My Sisterlocks


Sisterlocks Update: the Good, The Bad, and the Struggles

It’s been exactly 1 year and 6 months since I decided to embark on this sister locks journey. Here are my thoughts, experiences, and encouragement for anyone doing their research. 1. Stay moisturized! 2. Be patient with the progress of...