Regal Wrench: an instrument in
the hands of the King.

Regal Wrench is my life.

I believe that all my experiences are meant for me to share with anyone who would listen so that they know about the Love of God.

Hi I’m Dadé.

My junior year of college changed my life. After a horrible breakup, I made my relationship with God official. I prayed that night on February 23rd and told God that I’d be His for real. Ever since then, it has just been Him & I.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my slip-ups, but with each trial, God stands there in Love -waiting for me to claim the victory

He so lovingly won.

For a long time, I’ve yearned to create a space that did not require me to compartmentalize my identity. So here it is–my unadulterated self. Full of Christ & ready to serve.

My journey so far has always been fueled by the unquenchable
desire to serve God & His people–not just serve them, but enable them
to serve others. It has always been difficult for me to express
this in words, but that’s just it. I have a ridiculous passion for
seeing people get what they need (Christ) so that they can give others what they need.